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Disney To Benefit From Marvel's Expansion Into Tv - Yahoo Finance

The show was a spin-off from The Avengers and has also added Agent Carter recently, which will be screened on the U.S network, ABC. Agent Carter will have Hayley Atwell who will replay her role from Captain America. Though Agents of SHIELD faced many hurdles in the first season, Marvel intends to build on this new development as it recently penned an agreement with Netflix, Inc. ( NFLX ) for online streaming of four of Marvels TV series along with a miniseries. Starting with Daredevil, which is scheduled to premiere at least after a year, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage will follow, with an expectation of enhancing Marvels business. While last year Marvel reacquired Daredevil from Twentieth Century Fox, Jessica Jones was earlier scheduled to be an ABC series. Apart from these four series, the deal with Netflix also includes a miniseries TV event, primarily based on The Defenders to be streamed. Moreover, maintaining its trend in the film business, Marvels TV shows will also work within the same universe. Hence, all the Netflix shows will have interconnections with Agents of SHIELD and The Avengers. Both Disney and Netflix are positive about this partnership, which in turn is dependent upon the audience response to these releases. Though Agents of SHIELD had to struggle its way, as per media reports, Daredevil is likely to be a hit in the world of television as relentless effort is being invested in its making, since it is to set the theme of the Defenders universe.
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Kids baseball team needs help getting to international tournament | wwltv.com New Orleans

"ESPN Wide World of Sports throws it, so you've got teams from Puerto Rico, different countries, and all over the United States," said Coach Joby Cauble. Logan Hakenjos said, "We're looking forward to the rides and having fun playing baseball out there." The problem is the chance is costly. But the boys, and their parents, have used raffles and other methods to make a dent in the thousands needed. "We've had several fundraisers at Sam's where they boys stood outside and shook a can for donations, said team mom Malinda Schexnayder. That was the biggest part of our fundraiser and the money we earned was about $3,000 through that." While the team is working hard to get ready for Orlando, they're hoping the community steps up to the plate even more to help them get there. Schexnayder said, "I've seen many people post on Facebook the GoFundMe and I thought we would try it out just to see where we got. So far, we've gotten $140 but we need a lot more." Both the kids and coaches are hoping the trip, if they can take it, will make them better players and give them lasting memories. "So we can experience the challenge and the heart that it takes to win a big tournament," said Hakenjos. The group is trying to raise $2,000 in the next month. If youd like to help, you can do so at the teams online account: http://www.gofundme.com/a7pklo Theres also a fundraiser baseball tournament, the Back to School Classic, scheduled next weekend, August 2 and 3 at Coquille Park in Madisonville.
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